How did you find ‘BECI’ and why did you choose us?

When I decided to study English in the Philippines, I started to search some information about the Philippines’ language schools. BECI was one of my interest school. After I discussed with my agent, she introduced BECI for me. When I saw BECI’s picture, I thought this campus is very beautiful. The most important is that it has the business English class in BECI. I think the business English course not only can help me improve my presentation skills but also can help me prepare my English interview. It’s useful for me to find a new job when I go back to Taiwan.

Can you tell something about the course, its curriculum and teaching methods?

I applied the ESL course and the business English course. I took the ESL course for two months and the business English course for one month. The ESL course focus on speaking, reading, writing and listening. Teacher will identify your level according to your entrance exam to find the suitable teaching methods for you. If you feel too difficult or too easy, you can also discuss with your teacher. And the business English course focus on interview, presentation, listening, writing and reading. The business English course let me practice how to prepare an interview and before the course is finished, I need to prepare a presentation for my teachers and classmates!

Does life and study in BECI meet your expectations?

YES, In BECI has the good atmosphere for studying when I arrived in BECI, I’m really afraid because I didn’t have the ability to communicate with other students or teachers. But fortunately, all my teacher have patience and professional in English. They help me to improve my speaking skill and so on. Now I’m not afraid in speaking English and also have confidence to communicate with others. BECI life is also wonderful, every week days we study hard and every weekends we can visit Baguio city. I really like my life in BECI, so, of course it really met my expectations!

Are you satisfied with our facilities and services?

I think BECI’s services are good! The student mangers are very responsible and warmhearted. When I met some problems or questions, they all did their best to help me. And I really appreciate my manager. The other staff in BECI also let us have convenient life, so that we can focus on studying English. In additional, BECI has beautiful campus as well as the facilities. Which provide student studying and relaxing space.

What advise can you give for interested students?

Baguio has the most comfortable weather in the Philippines. Here has unforgettable scenes. BECI’s teachers are patient and friendly. Students always make friends with their teachers. While you have questions, BECI’s employees do their best to help you. It provides some sets of travels on the weekend, you can feel relieved during your travel. It has wide lounge where the students study. And you can see the mountain views, sunrise, sunsets and rainbows in the lounge.