COURSE  : IELTS (Foundational)

How did you find ‘BECI’ and why did you choose us?

First I choose BAGUIO city not CEBU, because of good weather. I heard that I can only focus on study if I stay in BAGUIO city. So I told my agency that I wanted to study in the comfortable environment and they recommended BECI to me. Because BECI has a lounge which is very beautiful and good for studying.

Does life and study in BECI meet your expectations?

YES. After studying here, I have improved English a lot including listening, writing, speaking and reading. I am more confident in the exam now. And also I made a lot of friends, especially Vietnamese. Every day I hang out with them. Even after I went back to Taiwan, I have been in touch with them daily.

Can you tell something about the course, its curriculum and teaching methods?

Teachers in BECI are excellent for me. If you have any questions, you can ask teacher not only in class but also your free time. Even though the teachers are new, you don’t need to worry about that. Because there is a system and Head teacher will train them well. IELTS and some courses are not allow to go out during weekdays, so you can just focus on study. IELTS course is more difficult than the other courses but it is more challenging. If you choose IELTS, you can learn more and improve a lot.

What advise can you give for interested students?

If you consider good weather or not too hot I recommend BECI to you. Baguio city has fresh air and moderate temperature. You can also learn English from the teachers who are very friendly. They are very kind and nice to the students so I feel like they are my friends. You can enjoy the beautiful environment and an attractive lounge, if you choose BECI. I’m sure that you will not regret to come to BECI and you will have a good memory here.