How did you find ‘BECI’ and why did you choose us?

When I was looking for school, at first I was planning to study in Cebu, but I thought If I stay in calm environment I can concentrate on my study more than I stay in city. That’s why I decided to study in Baguio. The reason why I chose BECI is when I saw the nationality ratio of student, the ratio of Japanese was competitively low and there are many nationalities. So I thought I can make friends who come from many countries and I have many opportunities to speak English more than another academy.

What English skill you have improved the most?

I think pronunciation and speaking are the most improved parts. To improve my speaking skill, when I went out with my friends even there are Japanese, we decided to speak only English. I tried to speak English not only weekdays but also weekend. Especially I was close to my Korean roommate, so we always corrected our English if we use wrong English. At first I came here, I use only word when I talk with my friends. However now I use sentence properly and I can communicate with my friends well.

Does life and study in BECI meet your expectations?

Regarding the living environment aspect, there were always Korean food in dining area, so sometimes I wanted to eat Japanese food and I was sick of BECI food. However, food was more delicious than I expected and there were many vegetables, so it was quite good. Regarding the classes, my teachers in a one-on-one class positively give a helping hand for me about such as my requests or problems with my English study. Therefore, I was able to study my weakness intensively and I took class that suited for me.

Can you tell something about the course, its curriculum and teaching methods?

I chose Semi – Sparta course. I requested my teacher to study speaking, grammar and pronunciation intensively. I asked teachers to correct my English immediately when I use wrong pronunciation and grammar during the class. In addition, in the speaking classes sometimes we didn’t use textbook and have free conversation for practice speaking English. Moreover, in the writing class, my teacher let me write diary everyday as homework and she checked and correct it. So I was able to enforce my writing skill.

What advise can you give for interested students?

Japanese students tend to be together with Japanese, I think making same nationality friends is also good. However, it is important to make different nationality friends and communicate in English as you can as possible. Regarding the study, at first I used only textbook and make notes, but I realized that I cannot improve my speaking skill. After that I kept in mind to read out loud. I think I should’ve tried it earlier.