How did you find ‘BECI’ and why did you choose us?

I decided to go abroad because I wanted to broaden my outlook, I have inquired a lot of information about language school in the Philippines. And when I search many schools, I think “Lounge” in BECI is the most attractive to me. So, I choose BECI to improve my English.

What English skill you have improved the most?

I chose Semi-sparta course, because I need to have free time to preview and review. And also I can intensively study speaking and I could practice speaking English. For that reason, I can improve my speaking skill immediately. I enjoy attending class every day because every teacher is kind. If I have question, they always give me advice, so teachers are not only for teaching the lesson but they are also teaching me in life.

Does life and study in BECI meet your expectations?
About the facilities:

  1. The light in the lounge is very dark to us.
  2. The water in the dorm is very small and sometimes it stops.
  3. Always no wi-fi in the 3rd floor.

About the services: I am very satisfied with your administrative services and your house keeping except for the services in the dining hall.

In BECI, I study in a good environment. Especially lounge in BECI is very beautiful. And the location is also convenient because it’s not far from the city. Beci is very big and quiet, so I can focus on studying. In addition, I can also go out with my friends to enjoy some activities and I can also have time to visit famous places around downtown. So I was very enjoying my life in BECI.

What advise can you give for interested students?

If you consider that the weather is good or not, I can tell you the weather in Baguio city is pretty suitable to learn English. If you consider the environment, I will tell you the environment in BECI is pretty good and the lounge in BECI is very easy to focus on study.