My name is Diva and I am currently enrolled in The IELTS guarantee program of A&J e-EduDC Academy. Let me tell you about my experience when I first came to the Philippines to study English. Like most second language learners I was hesitant and had no confidence to communicate with foreigners as well as my schoolmates due to my low English language level but A&J e-EduDC Academy helped me overcome these fears due to their excellent curriculum and continuous support for students studying ESL and their Special courses such as IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL. Everyday I have seven 1 on 1 classes which greatly enhanced my English level. My teachers would point out my mistakes and provide constructive criticism even for the tiniest details.

This type of learning experience is not available in my native country (Vietnam) which makes studying in the Philippines a more effective approach to the English Language. I also made a lot of friends who continue to share their knowledge, experiences and language tips they learned with me. Interacting with them made me a more effective learner. I minimized using body language and hand gestures to express what I mean. A&J e-EduDC Academy’s dictation classes and nightly vocabulary tests has also been instrumental in developing both my listening and speaking skills. I became attuned to the different accents and pronunciation not only of native speakers but other nationalities as well.

I am currently staying in a triple room with fellow schoolmates from Korea and China. Since we all have different languages, English helped us connect the bridges of communication with each other. We would talk about our achievements and challenges; this has become one of the highlights of my day since I get to practice and converse in English with my friends. I really enjoy staying in my room, it’s very spacious and during sunny days we get a lot of fresh air and sunshine. We also have kind and friendly school personnel who maintain the cleanliness of the campus and student residences.

Studying all day is draining so proper nourishment and food is very important. Our meals are cuisines from Korea, Japan, China and the Philippines. Thus, we not only learn English but also gain more insights about another country’s food culture. It  helped us connect with our peers more. I hope in the future they would include Vietnamese food in the menu. There are times when I get homesick and would miss the taste of Vietnamese food.

Weekends are a fun filled experience. We get to travel to different places far and near the city of Pines. I usually enjoy long hikes and art. During the past weekends my friends I and travelled to different places. We went hiking in Mt. Ulap and visited Bencab Museum. My Bencab encounter is the most memorable so far. I really admired the diverse architectural styles and enjoyed the art showcases presented in their different galleries. There was also an exhibit which presented art from my homeland Vietnam. The highlight of the exhibition was the Cordillera exhibit which showed Cordilleran art, sculpture and artifacts. After viewing all the artwork we went to dine at Cafe Sabel located at the ground floor of Bencab Museum. We enjoyed the food and the ambiance. The cafe was overlooking the neighboring gardens, farms and forests which gave a very peaceful and calm feeling.

These are just a few of my experiences while studying here in the Philippines. I hope it will give those who are planning to study abroad an idea how overseas students live in a foreign country.