Introduce Yourself
Hello my name is Emily I’m 16 y/o and I’m from Taiwan. I studied English for 1 month at Pines Academy. I think learning English is very important because it is an international language. It is also a tool that we can use to communicate with foreign people and it’s going to be helpful to our future job.

Are you happy you are studying at Pines?
Yes, because it is my first time to study abroad. Furthermore, I have 1 on 1 and group classes. They are very interesting. I will discuss why classes are fun. I learn idioms that are important when chatting with people. I like our teachers because they are amiable and entertaining .When they teach me, they make sure I always understand the lesson. They give us activities such as board games to let us learn more. I learn a lot more from in my group class such each of us have different opinions and we are able to have team work in constructing presentation materials

What’s the most interesting thing you have learned recently? 
I think reading is the most interesting because my teacher corrects my intonation when I read a story out loud. For example I say train (without pronounced without the diphthong sound) my teacher told me it should be train (include ei sound)

What do you like most about the English language?
I like pronouncing the words. Pronunciation of English words is engaging for me.

Tell us something about your stay here at Pines.
I have fun with my roommates whenever we go out in the weekends, and we have a lot of interesting activities to do like having a picnic in a park. My roommates and I have a stay-in teacher. Her name is Teacher Queenie. We like her because she is kind and helpful. She’s like our mom helping us when we have problems. I am staying in a room that is good for 6 people. I like my personal space as it has the things that I need like cabinets and cozy chair.

I’ve been to SM, swimming pool and parks. However I like the mall because of the prices of the products there. I bought some clothes. Another thing that I like is the river view swimming pool. We also had city tour, and we visited Baguio’s famous tourist spots like Botanical Garden and Mines View

What do you like most about Pines Academy?
I like the weather and sceneries the most. When the dusk comes, the sky is beautiful in Baguio. At Pines, the dormitory is big and clean. Also the study environment is good. Whenever I study, I feel comfortable.

Would you like to invite your friends in Taiwan to study at Pines?
Yes, I will invite my friends because we can study together and enhance the level of our educational ability. Thank you so much Pines Academy for making my first English Summer Camp memorable!