During the time of studying in CNS2, how do you feel about CNS2? 
After 10 weeks I have been studying here, there are some issues which I want to mention.

Firstly, this school has good English environment especially for studying IELTS as well as the managers always encourage students to speak English all the time. In fact, I never ever study in abroad, so I was a little bit nervous at the first time. However, I can adapt the environment in her after 1 week since the managers were supported me a lot.

Secondly, students respect each other. Even though CNS2 is a strict environment, and students have to focus on their studying, students still assist each other. We studied together as well as share some problems with each other in order to find the way to solve these.

In general, the majority of teachers have good teaching skills and enthusiasm. Furthermore, they also concentrate to teach about IELTS for students. Sometimes, students and teachers can become friends so that students will feel comfortable when they study with their teachers.

Additionally, the rules in this school are strict and suitable for studying environment especially students have to attend weekly tests every Friday (Sometimes on Saturday) to check student’s level. This helps students to have more motivation to study hard.

Finally, the dormitory and bathroom are usually cleaned, cleaning staffs are friendly and kind.
In the future, if my friends need to look for a school to study IELTS, I will recommend them to choose CNS2.

For new students:

Initially, you have to make sure that you have basic English in your country before you come here to study english.
Moreover, everyone here is friendly, so do not be hesitate to socializing with everyone. It is good for improving speaking skill.

Above all, do not be shy to ask teachers because they really want students to ask them questions.