Hello guys! Good morning! It’s nice to see everyone today.
January 18, 2019 is going to be a very memorable day for me because it is the day that we formally end our stay here at the academy with Mixed emotions, being eager to go home and still wanting to stay longer.
I am Fiona. My age is not important and I am from Vietnam.

Initially, I had a big problem with my English skills, I could not speak English confidently and fluently because I concerned with my pronunciation. I was always thinking in Vietnamese and I translate in English. Those are the main reasons why I cannot improve my English skills.

I studied ESL for 2 months/ before taking IELTS for 3 months. I had two group classes, one was Pronunciation and the other was discussion. In our Discussion class, I had three classmates who came from another country. During that time, as they speak English, I cannot understand what they were saying. I just observed them, but my teacher was really focused in listening to them and she wrote their sentences on the board. I was really surprised! I used to ask myself, how could my teacher understand almost all of the words they say? That motivated me to enhance my English skills. Time went really fast, now, I can distinguish a foreign language to English.

Then, 5 months later, I developed my English skills and understood most conversations I had with other foreign nationals and with my teachers. In addition, I can also answer some questions immediately. That was one of the purposes I set before I came here to study.

Furthermore, while I was staying in the Philippines, I became more mature and found a lot of good friends and memories. Also, I learned about the culture of other countries such as Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.

Finally, I want to thank Talk Academy the management and all my teachers, they helped me improve my skills in English. Moreover, my mentors were really kind and patient in teaching and guiding me about all the things that I should know and understand about English.  Many thanks to Managers Vincent and Mimi for their support and for taking care of me during my stay here. Thank you also to my friends. I thank everyone, present today for listening to my speech and congratulations to all of us on our graduation! Good job, everyone. Let me ask you a favor; please clap for yourselves.