I have already spent three weeks in Monol and I still have four weeks ahead. Next Friday, there will be a subject-specific test and a one-month course will be finalized. So today, I would like to write about the classes I am taking.

I have enrolled in an ESL Course that has group classes (4 hours) and one-on-one classes (3 hours) for a total of 7 hours. I was still worried when I arrived in Baguio but I would like to improve my English in a short period of time. My room is a semi-solo room so I considered how I would make friends if I only took the one-on-one classes for 5 hours a day compared to the schedule with group classes. I was worried between the two but I eventually decided to choose a 7-hour day class with group lessons.

As a result, I am satisfied with the classes I am currently taking. As time goes by, my commitment to study hard became harder than I thought. That’s because it’s 7 hours a day, I have 5 compulsory homework and I still have to review. I literally go to class, eat, and do homework as the day goes by. Also, one-on-one lessons are totally different from group classes. Group classes have more activities plus it’s fun and time goes by faster.

The speaking, writing, and pronunciation lessons are taught in group classes. Speaking class lasts for two hours while the other two lasts for an hour long each. Also, for each class, I have different classmates. Speaking class gives us the chance to exchange ideas on a certain topic with one another. Because there are diverse nationalities and cultures in class, discussing themes and ideas is fascinating and interesting.

In fact, I have been preparing and studying pronunciation and intonation from Korea. You will learn more specific pronunciation and pronunciation symbols. When I look up a word from the dictionary, I discover the proper way of pronouncing it. In the future, I think I will be able to utilize it effectively to study English.

Writing class includes learning grammar and writing every day. All our outputs are written on the spot in the class. This class helps me learn expressions and writing methods that I did not know in Korea. For our afternoon classes, we have two hours of listening and an hour of reading.
Personally, I like Listening lessons the most. The reason for this is that it is the hardest class compared to the others. Since this is the case, I have the desire to strive and study hard. Additionally, it’s nice to be able to learn new words and phrases every lesson. I find it fun and interesting since it deals with articles on different topics.

At first, I was frustrated because there wasn’t much to listen to at the beginning of class but now I am feeling and doing better. Because it is a one-on-one class, I can ask my teacher to correct my sentences immediately so that next time I’ll know how to say it properly.
The last class, Reading, deals with topic articles and speed reading. As you read, you will learn how to read quickly while mastering the main content of the article and I find this very useful.

Honestly, with studying hard plus doing all the homework, I think that 120% of my English proficiency can be improved. I have been focusing on my homework for two weeks now because of trying to adapt to Baguio life. For the rest of the year, I’m going to review and self-study.

If you are worried about one-on-one classes like me, there’s also regular courses where you can have fun and make friends in group classes! However, if you want to study more privately then I think one-on-one classes would suit you better.
Once I finish this course I will move on to a Business English course. After taking classes, I will leave a note about that class again.