Hi! This is Henry.
Finally, my long journey of 24 weeks or 6 months is over. With two-month intervals, I have enrolled in 3 courses in Monol. I had the opportunity to experience the ESL, IELTS course as well as the school’s LEAP program.

1.General ESL Course

The ESL course is a great choice if you want to study comfortably. It is suitable for beginners who want to study the English language because there isn’t much pressure regarding homework scores and results.
Because the homework isn’t too difficult, I finish all my homework during breaks. Slowly, I gained confidence in my English skills as I studied. I have been studying in the Philippines after working holiday in Australia. After I became confident in using English, I changed my course into the IELTS course.

2.IELTS Course

I would highly recommend the IELTS course. I originally started with IELTS for the school entrance (although I have changed my mind now). It is honestly not a test that is as well known in Korea, unlike the TOEIC. But, it is an official examination that is well known abroad and is needed when immigrating or pursuing education abroad.
It is different from TOEIC because IELTS tests all four skills namely reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The TOEIC, on the other hand, only tests for listening and reading. When you study the IELTS course, you will greatly improve your English language skills. It was really difficult for two months, but I think I studied really hard.

3.LEAP Program

During the two-month leap course, I was able to create my own curriculum with a mentor. Through this, I could specifically choose the lessons I needed. I wanted to concentrate on speaking for my last two months of studying in Monol. So, I studied and chose classes like TOEIC speaking and IELTS speaking. The Leap program is also really helpful if you want to have one-on-one lessons in an area you want to improve on. I highly recommend it!
My long-term stay of 24 weeks of learning the English language in the Philippines is now over. I want to thank my friends who always cheered me on and especially my teachers. Baguio, I seem to be leaving good memories in Monol.

Baguio is such a charming city that I would visit it again by all means!
Thank you for your time!