Hello, I’m Hide. I’m happy to be given the opportunity to make a speech in front of you all.

Finally, graduation day comes. Thanks to all my teachers, managers, staff, environment and friends. I enjoyed studying English and my life here in TALK academy. Now firstly I want to say Thank you all especially, I want to convey to my gratitude to the teachers who taught me until today. Thank you for teaching me.

Now that I think about it. I hated studying English when I was a child and the day when I started to learn, It was just one year ago. Ant then even though I could study listening or reading by myself in Japan. It was not easy to have a chance to speak with English speaker. That’s why when I came here, I couldn’t speak well and felt nervous.

However, the teacher in TALK academy have taught me with kindness, warmness, passion and given me a lot of energy to keep studying hard everyday. Now I’m making a speech with confidence on behalf of all graduates. This is also to thank all teachers.

At the same time, I could make many friends who are from foreign countries. Actually, until I came here in the Philippines, I had never talked with others from Asia. Now that I think about it. It was quite a regret. Although, our country is located bay near each other but through TALK academy, I have met a lot of new friends. I will never forget that I could eat meals together, drink alcohol together, discuss about difference of each country and tried to understand with each other. All of these are valuable experience for me. As a same team member of Asia, I believe we can live this world up in the future.

At last as a student having a learning English here, I declare that we will never forget what we have learned and good moral here in TALK academy. And also we will continue to study hard in English after going back to our countries.

Before I will close this speech, I’d like to take this opportunity to say “I love this country, the Philippines, surrounded by beautiful nature and kind people and what I could have spent a lot of time and good memories.

Thank you and congratulations.