Hi, my name is Aimi; I am currently a Working Holiday student here in A&J e- EduDC academy. Let me tell you more about my studies here in the Philippines.

Q. What was your motivation to study English in a foreign country?
A. I always wanted try new things and gain new experiences. Studying abroad provided the perfect opportunity for me to do so.
Q. There are many academies here in the Philippines why did you choose Baguio City and A&J e-EduDC Academy as your school?
A. I heard Baguio’s climate is comfortable; it’s the perfect place for me to focus on my studies. I chose A&J because of their Working Holiday course. It allows me to gain much needed work experience and the opportunity to use English to communicate not only with customers but also with my fellow employees working in the Café.

Q. Many students usually enjoy leisure activities during weekends. Can you tell us about your routine?
A. During the weekends I usually take a stroll around the city. I also try to taste local cuisine by visiting different restaurants and experiencing different culinary dishes.
Q. Can you tell us more about your experiences studying here in the Philippines?
A. I feel fulfilled and each day is truly exciting because I gain new experiences, meet new people and improve my English language skills.
Q. What are your plans after you finish your studies?
A. Studying here in the Philippines provided me with a solid English foundation. I plan to improve what I learned and hopefully land a job in a Native English country such as Australia, US Canada etc.