Introduce Weekly and Monthly Test of JIC

This time, I would like to introduce the IELTS Mock Test of JIC. Students who take the IELTS course will be given these two kinds of test which is Weekly and Monthly Test. Those tests will be like a simulation of the official IELTS test.

First of all, the weekly test will be held in two days. Speaking test is given on the first day (every Friday) which took about 20 minutes. After the test, the examiner will immediately give comments and test results to the speaking teacher, so students can get the result immediately.

Students need to bring their phones to audio record the test for them to discuss the speaking test that has transpired together with their teacher to check the penalties and the comments of the speaking examiner.
Listening, Reading and Writing test are also conducted on the second day (every Saturday morning). The overall time is three hours.

In addition, at the end of the term, the students need to take a final Mock Test which is on the Monthly test to evaluate their improvements in their score. The Mode of the Monthly test is the same as Weekly test.

Although I am always stressed every time I took my test but I need to pursue my goal which is to get a high score. So, we have to train ourselves with each mock test in order to get our target score in the official test.
By Nancy.