We went to the Bencab Museum, about six kilometers from downtown Baguio.

There was a guide visitors guidelines, We were able to find out in advance and let the children know in the lobby before departure.

Bencap Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Baguio, named by Benedict Cabrera from the Philippines, who won many awards in the arts category.

The museum is composed of spacious and large interior with four floors and displays a large number of artworks in 11 small galleries (including Ben Cap Gallery, Maestro Gallery, Sepia Gallery, Cordele Gallery, Erotica Gallery, and Fazio, Salvador…).

It’s an exhibition room full of woodwork, big and small.
I was impressed by the rugged and also elaborate woodwork.

​ When I said we was going to the museum, some children didn’t like that much. But I was surprised, because they were curious about many artworks and also focused on watching. It was a great chance to feel the artistic sense together!

The view from the terrace connected to the showroom was so wonderful! Beautifully decorated a pond that connect to the passageways of the cafe located on the bottom floor. After looking around the museum, We relaxed here for a long time.

We enjoyed outdoor learning a lot while getting the arts, culture and scenery with the fine weather and clear air.