Many of the students who are newly enrolled with Junior CNS are getting used to staying in Baguio City, Philippines.
Today, I would like to tell you about one of the Junior CNS’ programs related to reading books.

In our Junior CNS Language Institute, an intensive English memorization program (scheduled daily for an hour every night– except on the weekends) is comprised of memorizing English words and sentences.
After which, an assessment test is given to achieve our desired objective that is to enable our students to be more adept with the English Language.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, they read the recommended books by grade level, and then write a book report. Reading a book is a great medium in expanding ones knowledge through indirect experience.
Our students focus on learning English, but we should never forget to read books, right?

Frequently, even if it is not their scheduled reading time, the children come to the library and read books. During the break, I tell them, “It’s break time, you should be resting!” and the student replies, “I’m resting with the books!” They are willing to read books in the library eagerly even on break time.  This time, I learned something from them too.

Our junior CNS Language Institute has more than 1,000 recommended books (Korean and English language books). In writing their book reports, we teach and make certain that their thoughts are well organized, helping them synchronize.

After reading a book, we make sure that the students will be able to organize their thoughts from what they have read; in order to make their book reports by themselves to enhance their thinking skills, and develop their problem-solving abilities, with keeping a watchful eye on the main characters’ actions.

During the reading time, a recommended grade level paper is attached to every book. This is for all the students to be able to read appropriate books for themselves. After writing their book reports, our teachers check it out regularly.

Whenever I look at our children who do their best in studying English and even reading books, although they are busier than normal adults; I think I should be reading more books as often as possible now. I really am so proud of what they have achieved by the simple act of reading books.