Student Name: Cao Na “Leah”
 IELTS Student
Jilin of Changchun Province

When I first saw the City of Baguio, I fell in love with it. I like the environment and climate. When the weather is good, it’s very suitable for a person to listen to music and sunshine. It is also suitable for studying and for your health.

This is my favorite place. I always forget all the pressure when I am here. It is easy to find positive people here. Everyone is trying to make themselves better. Also it is good for students to practice their English skills.

There’s a place where you can see a valley of colors. Different houses have different colors. Many people come here to travel, not only because it has beautiful colors, but also because every house here has its own characteristics. People can always find themselves here and forget their troubles.

Many children drew on the road, and many tourists will leave their signatures here, where you can always be surrounded by happiness, forget the fatigue of learning and the pressure of achievement. Everyone enjoys this day very happily.

Finally, I would like to say that I am very happy to be a challenger. During this period, I have met many friends, practiced oral English together, and studied together. Everyone is working hard for their own goals. Challenger is a good opportunity, especially for students who are not self-restraint. During this period, my speaking has improved a lot, and I will continue to be the next challenger.