My name is Deborah and I left my job as a Pre-school teacher to learn English and soon take IELTS. I believe that coming to the Philippines will give me a better future and open new opportunities for me most especially because I am planning to go to Canada next year.

I have known Pines Academy through the recommendation of  my agency.  Pines Academy was recommended for its excellent 1:1 classes and IELTS course. I’ve heard that is also the biggest English Academy in Baguio City. While some people are thinking that  Philippines is only known for its beaches , I think this country should also be known for having a special city, Baguio City.  Baguio City is the coldest city in the Philippines, and it is located in a mountainous region. It is not really a popular choice, but I think it is the right choice, for I can really focus on studying plus the city has great attractions.

Why did you choose Power EFL as English course?
This is my first time of learning English abroad, and I have chosen the power efl course for me to master English speaking. I’m impressed with my 1 on 1 class and small group classes that help me have a wider interaction with other nationalities.

What is your favorite class?
My favorite class is grammar class and I am using this book called “touchstone”. Teacher Susan is my favorite teacher she initially teaches me sentence structure and new words. She also never fails in checking my errors. My teacher also knows when to have fun. She makes every session interesting.

What are the major things you have learned from your English Classes?
As what I have mentioned, I have learned both new expressions and words. Since I am also taking option class at night, I am tasked to memorize 20 words each night. It was tough in the beginning, but I have gotten used to it. I use these words when I write an essay and during discussions as well. My study method also entails me to have a good preparation for IELTS. Learning vocabulary words will later on make me more confident in taking the IELTS test.

We heard you will take IELTS course in Chapis Campus. What made you decide to try it?
Pines has a good reputation when it comes to IELTS, I am hoping I would also become one of its successful test takers.

Will you recommend Pines to other students?
Because of my class and interaction experience with people, I will recommend Pines to other people most especially to my sister. I would like her to experience lovely things and have unforgettable experiences in this country. I have made new friends from Vietnam and Japan. Through their narratives, I became interested in traveling. In fact, I am already planning to visit Vietnam. Pines academy did not only provide English learning experience; it has also made me see other places through the eyes of people I have met. I guess my life have totally changed upon coming here.