The thought of studying English in the Philippines excites every foreign learner. However, this is just a start of a wonderful story. Choosing the best school that suits one’s future goals is also vital. We have interviewed 3 students about their Pines Academy initial impression and why coming here supports their goals.

Mr.Kashinoura Akito
Mr.Kashinoura Akito

I have several reasons why I chose Pines.
First of all, Baguio is surrounded with trees and is complemented by the cool climate. The city ambiance is far better than what I expected. You can tell that people around you are highly motivated because of their evident smile. Pines’ learning environment is comfortable, and you can concentrate studying because of the absence of unnecessary noise. Students are focused, and I can tell that when they use the dining hall for self-studying. I particularly love this place because the light peeks through the window. In return, it gives me a nice view. In a nutshell, I am satisfied.

Additionally, Filipino teachers here are friendly and lively. One of them is T.Lhea who is kind enough to teach me grammar and some of the concepts I don’t understand. I love the grammar textbook we are using which is called Touchstone. It is useful, and I guess this is a good material for early beginners.

Mr.Ishiguro Yuki
Mr.Ishiguro Yuki

In my opinion, the advantage of Pines Academy is its great teachers that administer one on one classes where I can produce efficient and effective English outputs. Food somehow leans towards Korean menu, but Japanese food and others are also sometimes provided. Food menu varies each day, and I like it.
Attending all-English classes is tough, but through my kind teachers, I have gotten used to it. It’s fun to communicate with students from different countries because it gives me more opportunities to enhance my English skills.

Furthermore, one thing I like the most here is attending one on one class. Teachers are so friendly to talk with. Of course, no disturbance from external environment… because it’s one on one lesson!!
In the end, I would like to emphasize the fact that studying English can give you career merit, but meeting great people along the way is also priceless. Thank you so much to all staffs, teachers, and Pines friends!

Ms.Okamuro Natsumi
Ms.Okamuro Natsumi

Pines Academy gives me more opportunities to express myself and finish some English outputs that involve writing and grammar exercises.
I am currently staying in a sextuple room (room for 6 ) which also provides personal space and privacy .Nutritious foods are served in the Cafeteria which  is also useful and student-friendly because we can self-study here during break time. Students and staffs could also enjoy 20% discount at the in-house café.

Pines Teachers are very passionate, so I enjoy my everyday class very much. My favorite class is grammar, and the examples given by teachers are useful. I also like it when they share jokes that make the class atmosphere light! The teacher always greets me even outside the classroom. You can easily be friendly with them.
Choosing a country to go to is just a small part of your decision, but choosing your school is an essential part. Study at Pines Academy coz I would love to see you here.