Student Name: David
Student Type: IELTS

Q: Why are you studying English?
A: Because I want to use it to work in an international company as a biomechanic.

Q: What your major?
A: Mechanical Engineer

Q: Whats your favorite subject?
A: Speaking

Q: Why do you like speaking?
A: In speaking, I can learn new vocabulary and answer questions extensively.

Q: What subject do you have difficulty in learning?
A: Writing, because I have a hard time producing my ideas into words

Q: Is studying IELTS hard?
A: Yes. But I enjoy studying it really. Because I can feel my English skills improve more. The teachers are very strict but I appreciate their efforts.

Q: Why are you studying IELTS?
A: Because I want to improve my English

Q: In IELTS how do you study?
A: I do my homework

Q: What do you suggest to students learning writing?
A: Study properly and learn from the corrections given by the teacher. Write down everything you’ve learned always

Q: How do you excel in Reading?
A: My teacher guides me on how I should answer, You need to get keywords and to scan fast.

Q: How do you scan?
A: First, you need to understand the question, and the later you file a paragraph using keywords.