I will introduce my life in HELP Language Academy. I usually get up at 7 AM here. I wake up in the morning and eat breakfast, wash myself, and go to class. The first class here begins at 8 AM. I take a lot of seven classes here. I take 4 hours of one on one class and 2 hours of group class with my teacher. Lastly, I take a special class. The one on one class study reading, writing, listening and speaking. I go to group class with students from different countries. It consists of four people and lasts for 2 hours. We play games for 1 hour and take grammar lesson for 1 hour. I like this group class.

After taking a class for 4 hours, I have lunch. Lunch is so delicious. The air here is very fresh, and the view is nice. Usually in free time, I memorize words or sentences or study the contents of a class in advance. After dinner, there is a vocabulary test and pattern test. Even if you memorize all the words, if your pronunciation is wrong, it is not the correct answer. Should I blame my tongue? Haha. Anyway, it is hard to study here. When you come here, there are certain rules and you must follow them. That is why somehow it is hard to study here but I like the challenge.

The teachers here are very kind and caring. Because I am not good at English, my teacher is teaching me the basics. I talk a lot with my teachers, and I think it’s very helpful. There are so many things to learn other than English here. I prefer writing and speaking class, so I tried to write a lot while I am free. My teacher looks at what I write and give me feedback. It’s my favorite subject here.

I can go out on weekends, because I study hard in academy for a week. I am happy and delighted to see something and eat. I went to Mines View on weekend. The landscape here is very different and people is kind. I usually go to Baguio City on weekend with my batch mates. I haven’t been here long, so I haven’t been on a trip yet, but I’m planning to go to San Juan beach this weekend. I’m the happiest when I eat Jollibee here because Jollibee is so delicious.

I think HELP Language is the best place to study English. However, not only English, it is place where you meet friends of various nationalities, experience new things, and grow up.