I’ve been Baguio, Philippines for around 3 months. I really like it here it is a peaceful city and the people in Baguio are friendly.

I gained lots of knowledges in the lesson. So, I think my English is getting better. And my teachers always give me the class like the friend. I like to chat with teachers, we usually talk about different religions, education, transportation, habits, daily life and cultures. I like to know some different things.

I’ve gone travelling to many cities in the Philippines so I have many memories in here. I visited lots of beach in everywhere. They have different views and types so it totally worth to visit. But they have one thing in common, they are totally beautiful.

My school’s chef has a great skill of cooking, we call her ”Grandma”. She can cook Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine so I always eat too much. My weight will increase more and more. I felt anything in here are nice.

I have already adapted in here, unfortunately, the time really flies, in just a moment, for three months was gone. I cannot bear to leave of my teachers and everything in Baguio. This is my daily life in Baguio.