Speaking English is one of my bucket list. I love to travel. Many countries commonly use English. If I speak English very well, I can communicate well with others. So, I decided to study English. I searched different academies all over the world and I chose JIC in Baguio. I think Baguio JIC is the best academy that can help students to study hard and improve their English. Because JIC intensive basic center has many man to man classes and Baguio’s weather is very good.  So, I chose Baguio JIC.

7 weeks ago, I arrived in JIC, that day I can only speak just little English. Because when I was a high school student, I gave up English, and speaking English made me very nervous, but I want to speak English. So, I tried the challenger program with my batch mate. It was a good attempt and my English skill has developed.

Nowadays, Baguio JIC Academy has many foreigners. So, I met many foreign friends. Now, speaking English doesn’t make me nervous anymore. I can communicate to many foreigners and they explain their culture with their countries. It’s funny and interesting everyone lives a different lifestyle and grew up in a different culture. But we are friends, it’s a really good experience. I never thought of a situation where in I can speak English, and now I can. Thank you teachers, Thank you JIC!