Hi. I’m Seungmin Cha and my English name is Robin. This story is about my English study before I arrive here. When I was a high school student. I want to speak and understand English because I love foreign drama especially American drama, so I started to study English but during that time my English skill is was terrible. I memorized a lot of words, but sadly I almost forgot it. Moreover, I had watched drama without Korean subtitle. But I think that was not helpful to me, so I had a skeptical think about English. I searched how to study English, and coincidentally, I found HELP English study course on the agency’s site. So, I reserved a slot in their program. Finally, I am here to study.

About HELP Academy

When I arrived in HELP academy, I had a lot of feelings which are nervousness, expectance and sleepiness due to fatigue. First day was simple, we I mean new students just took the orientation about our course and academy rules then we went to SM Mall that is nearby HELP to buy our necessities. I thought here is no problem but unfortunately, there is. It was a terrible stomachache due to different type of water. Korea’s water and Philippine’s water are different, that’s why I had a stomachache for a while, so I advise you who is reading this article, you should bring a medicine for your stomach. Here is a good thing, HELP cafeteria is provide the Korean foods to us. It’s good for Koreans, but I don’t know the opinion of other foreign students.

Introduce friends

My program contains a group class, so I can meet the foreign students. For instance, Kirito is Taiwanese. I don’t know why he is level 2 because he can speak English well. Maybe, he did a mistake when he took the level test. He has a big goal that is going to Cambridge, so he needs the IELTS grade. That is why he changed program in here. There is another student who is Japanese. His name is Shan and he is my roommate. Surprisingly his international age is 18 years old. He has the goal like Kirito. He wants to go to an American College as well. His English skill is almost same as me, so if we have conversation, it is really slow talking, but I guess it help our English skills. HELP students have their own purpose. I want to introduce Naomi but actually she is Korean. Notheless, I want because she has the goal that is exactly same as me. She will go Australia for working holiday and I will go there as well. She will study here for eight weeks, and she want to work at a hotel. I’m surprised because I want to work at hotel either.

Study English in HELP

Finally, I will introduce my English study way to you. First, I do my pattern homework after morning reading class, and take the individual class. After that, I do my homework and memories the patterns and the words for daily vocabulary test. Second, I always make a sentence per one word when I memories it, and I bought a fairy tale that fits my level at SM for my reading skill. Third, I bought the TOEIC Speaking book because someone told me that book will make your speaking base, so I bought it. Last, I think you already know about shadowing. I save the shadowing video that is for beginner. I practice it when my free time. Thank you for reading I hope my English skills will be better and yours too.