Good morning. My name is Peter and I am an IB student. I started my challenger on September 10, a week after I entered September. There are still 50 days left to graduate, but I would like to introduce you to JIC life.

First, it is important to always use English in communicating. It is the challenger’s most important rule and the only rule. We entered JIC for 12 weeks to learn English, and I have to increase my skills for my internship in the United States. However, the first two weeks were too hard. Because during breaks and group classes, there are always people from the same school, so when I spoke with them, I naturally spoke Korean. Also, if you have words that you don’t know in class, it’s faster and easier to ask a friend next door than to find a dictionary or ask a teacher a question.

As I learned more words, I became more comfortable with speaking my thoughts in English. Even the unknown words were inferred from the meaning of the words with similar meanings, and the meanings were found using the sentences before and after. So I was able to win first place in the Speaking section during the September final test. Wherever you are, during breaks, eating, etc., it is best to use English as much as possible.

Second, I think that the living environment is better than anywhere else. The cafeteria’s rice is always self-serving and you can get as many side dishes as you want. Local food, Korean food, etc. evenly coming out, so there will be no difficulty in adapting. Once every two days, the worker will pick up your laundry and wash your laundry two days ago and return it. You can wash your futon once a month and the WI-FI environment is also very good. They also clean the rooms once every two days and repair it as soon as possible if you reported a broken part inside the room. We think gym facility is not bad, too. Necessary fitness equipment such as treadmills are provided one by one, and there are various types of dumbbells. Of course, there is also a WI-FI environment. Students at JIC provide a study-only environment. All of the non-study areas are managed by the office and are doing well without any inconvenience.

Finally, JIC teachers are always passionate and dedicated. When I said that I wanted to use the articles, prepositions, and various adjectives and adverbs that I lacked, my teacher told me the next day. Even in group class, when speaking in English, he helped me to combine various sentences such as relative pronouns, conditional sentences, and grammar. After all the lessons, I played basketball with my teacher, and I have a lot of fun memories.