By: Coco
Hello everyone, I am Coco, I’m a high school girl student now. I am very happy to share my story of JIC’s 4 weeks of studying IELTS.
Before going to JIC, let me talk about the country of the Philippines. Here’s a diary of my first arrival:
“The three-hour plane finally arrived in the country where the legendary banana is delicious – The Philippines.

It is difficult to describe the feeling of landing. It seems that it is neither excited nor sad, just like just taking a train from Guangzhou to Changsha, even if I have not been to Changsha. Here are two ways about how to leave from Manila Airport to JIC:
Method 1, the person will pick you up directly at the airport, and the bus will take you to JIC in Baguio, $50/person.
Method 2, take the Joy Bus, take the Baguio trip and take a taxi to JIC. The price is half cheaper than the method 1.
The duration is similar.

“It’s a wonderful experience to bump up in the car for 6-7 hours. Until a younger man from South Korea got off and asked if this was the terminal, we only know that we arrived, Baguio. I took a taxi for 10mins and went to JIC. The Chinese manager who received us was very nice, and also studied IELTS here.

I learned from my friends that the owner of JIC is Korean, and the cafeteria here is also Korean. As soon as I entered, I saw what I was craving for, at last kimchi and miso soup! For those who love spicy food, this will be a haven for you!
We chatted with the cafeteria’s kitchen staff and it turns out that we call them “Ate”, no matter what age they have.

Everyone was very welcoming, and the weather is awesome; and JIC is filled by lovely people. We played badminton downstairs in the JIC dormitory area on the wet floor just after the rain. There is also a basketball court here.
Don’t worry too much about health problems that you might get in the dormitory because every day “ates” clean all the rooms. Clothes are also collected in a unified way. You don’t have to wash your clothes yourself.

The time of class is flexible, of course, for me, a high school student. But if you are already working, you may feel that the course is a bit tight. Here is my first week’s class schedule. The head teacher is going to chat with everyone on Thursday to find out if you need to change the course.  How considerate she is!
You can adjust your course time every week, but you can only change your teachers after two weeks. Sir Su will also talk to you on the day to ask for your advice on eating and drinking, a very humane system.

Every teacher has a different style. I personally prefer a lively teacher. The teachers in my class are very good and very helpful. Choose a teacher who is the one that suits you. There is no need for classes on weekends, but there is a weekly mock test every Saturday and a monthly test on a Friday every month. I think this is very good.

The more you practice, the more you get familiar with IELTS.
After the test, you can choose to go out and relax. Approximately 95% of people will go shopping and eat at the nearby SM Mall. In this regard, when you get here, there will be someone to introduce places.

Ok, that’s my 2-week life in JIC. I hope you have already known something special about it. Also, I will continue to go deep into life here, describing the life of the next week.
I bet you will love here cuz it’s really a good place to study.
Mutual encouragement!!