Written by: Rezia
I have come to Monol for almost a month. This week I want to share my living environment and school facilities. Monol has a variety of room types, including room for two, three, four, three plus one (three students plus one teacher) and six-person room.
The type of room I stayed in was a six-person room. When I chose the room type, I was a bit worried about whether it would be too crowded or not. Fortunately, after living in, there is no need to worry about. Overall, the six-person room is designed to be very good, except for the use of space for the chairs of desks in the corner.

Since there are many students in the dormitory, and everyone is busy studying on weekdays. It is particularly important to have a room cleaning service. There will be an application form in the office every Friday. Everyone can apply for cleaning service according to their free time. In addition, they can apply for changing beddings every two weeks. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, housekeepers will not clean the room if there is no student inside the room. The student must go to the office to apply again.

Unlike the hot weather in other cities in the Philippines, Baguio is located in the mountain, and the weather is relatively cool or sometimes a bit cold. It often fogs, especially during the rainy season. If we don’t use a dehumidifier, the quilt is a bit damp; it is also easy to breed molds. Therefore, instead of installing air-conditioning, we use a dehumidifier.

My roommate Miki’s birthday is this week. We bought a cake for the celebration. I really liked the small space in the middle of the six-person room. Everyone can sit on the floor and share their different cultures. It’s a bit like going back to university life.

This weekend, in order to get rid of the haze of last week’s illness. I went to an American bar, The Camp, with my Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese classmates. There are many international academies in Baguio. That’s why I have seen many different nationalities that go to the bar.

The Camp has a total of three floors. The first floor is similar to a sports bar, while the second floor is a nightclub. On the third floor is a semi-open bar with singers. As long as the alcohol drinks reach 150 peso, you can enter the second floor for free, which is quite cost-effective. Parts of the bar open until two am, while the nightclub opens until four am.

Monol is a Sparta Academy. There is a certain curfew for ensuring the safety of students. The curfew time for weekdays is 9:00 PM while the curfew hours on Friday and Saturday are 12 midnight. It is still necessary to pay attention to the time of returning to school. If you want to spend the night outside, you can choose to go back to the school at 5:00 AM the next morning. Otherwise, you will get a 32-hour penalty!