by T.K : Wenkun Tian

I got to know Pines through the top recommendation of an agency. I have also decided to come here because there are few Chinese students (for now), so it is beneficial for me to study English as I get less chances of speaking using my mother tongue. Student diversity is also good as there are a lot of English learners from all over the world. Hello. My name is Tian Wenkun and I am from Tianjin, China. I’ll be sharing my insights and general review about my life in the new main campus of Pines Academy.

Tell us something about your life in Pines.

“I chose Power ESL course, because I need more 4 on 1 class for me to converse with more students.”

During my first 2 months in Pines Academy, I took Intensive ESL course. I think that having a lot of 1 on 1 classes could quickly lead to the improvement of my English skills. Then on the third month, I chose Power ESL course because I need more 4 on 1 classes (small group) for me to converse with more students. I take classes on weekdays from 8:20- 6:10, making it an 8-hour of a daily English practice. After dinner, I have my self- study for 3 hours. I always do my homework, read a book and practice listening during these hours. On the weekend, I usually go with my foreign friends on a trip, hang out downtown, and eat out with them.

I have had to study very hard for 3 months and because of this, I can say that my English skills have improved a lot. I think that the best way to study English is to use the language at all times. Other effective ways are listening to English music, watching English movies, and communicating with your foreign friends in English.

“I think that the best way to study English is to use the language at all times.”

When it comes to my teachers, they are excellent and patient. They always share their language knowledge. For example, to enhance my pronunciation, my teacher gives me some tongue twisters to practice with. On the other hand, to practice listening, my teacher plays the audio file repeatedly until I and my classmates get the sound and the rules associated with it. The teacher also teaches us how to read and listen to the blended words including the American pronunciation rules that go with it.