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Pines International Academy‘s success is measured in our students’ improvement and progress in the different courses we offer. We take pride in teaching them thoroughly with compassion and providing quality education pertinent to their goal and target score.

As years go by, Pines Academy retains its effectiveness in nurturing the commitment and dedication of our English learners. It serves as an impact that improves their communication and social skills.

The different training methods of Pines teachers also play a crucial role in refining the sense of identity as the students become affable and confident along the way.

To bespeak the genuineness of their English amelioration journey at Pines Academy, here are the testimonials of our two students in their International English Language Testing System (IELTS) course at Chapis Test Campus.

First, we have Im Eun Jin, from South Korea.

“Hello, this is Jin. I’m a fresh graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Film.”

“Initially, I only desired to improve my English skills; however, when I began meeting people who encouraged me, I realized that IELTS is indispensable both abroad and in my motherland.”

“I chose Pines International Academy through a recommendation. It has the biggest facility with a gym and has a specialized IELTS campus with so many skillful and thoughtful teachers. I’m beyond grateful to have known them as they did not just educate but also supported me emotionally and spiritually. Thank you for helping me through ups and downs and sleepless nights due to my desperation.”

“A message I have in mind for the students who also want to take the IELTS course and test is for them to dream big! Think of your term goal, which will motivate you to exert effort.”

Secondly, we have the testimony of our Vietnamese student, Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy.

“Hello, you can call me by my nickname, Zoe.”

“I want to become an English teacher, so I’m taking IELTS— one of the most basic requirements when applying to college schools. In addition, I can also get a higher salary compared to a non-score holder.”

“I chose Pines International Academy because it is well-known in my country… my friends told me that the standard and quality of the education is exemplary.”

“My IELTS course is a six-hour a day and three hours of self-study in the evening. This kind of schedule helped me prepare for the test. Furthermore, my teachers are very knowledgeable and patient in guiding me.”

“If this message could reach the youths and future English learners, I’d say, make sure that your abilities align with your target score… study hard.”

Here at Pines International Academy, we create opportunities for our students to express how and what they are feeling— with the intention that their opinions and views inspire their fellow students and fuel their dedication to carry on.

We are beyond grateful to our students who make time to share their experiences.

When you study at Pines International Academy, we guarantee that your success, progress, and voice are equally esteemed… so if you want to maximize your learning experience, study English with us and come across wisdom through world-class education.



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