Student Name: Sarah
Student Type: Power Speaking (PS)
Taoyuan, Taiwan


What are your goals?
Sarah: I have to get a high IELTS score, so maybe I can go to Australia or Canada for university or maybe for working holiday. I think my barista experience can help me with that.

You are a Power Speaking (PS) student now, what do you think of PS?
Sarah: I think it can improve my communicating skill. Because back in Taiwan, I find it hard to communicate with my teacher because I can’t improve my sentence completely and I tend to have grammatical errors.

Who is your favorite teacher?
Sarah: I think all are my favorite because I converse with all of them.

What is your favorite subject?
Sarah:  CNN, because the class is really funny. Teacher Dina will correct your grammar and I think it is great for me and she is very funny. In my case, I think she [Teacher Dina] may be a little strict but I think it’s okay for me because Taiwanese teacher is stricter so I think it’s okay because It will improve your listening and speaking.

What do you think of your classmates or schoolmates here in JIC?
Sarah:  I think they are really friendly and they study very hard because every time I walk to my room they always study.

How do you self-study?
Sarah: I just watch video. But I think it will change after a week because I want to get a high IELTS score because that is my goal so I will take the IELTS course.