I have less than a week before I finish my studies in Monol. I stayed in the academy for five long months, but I still regret to leave so quickly.
I spent five months in Monol language school where I studied General ESL for a month and then enrolled in the IELTS course for the following four months. When I first came here, I could not even go to a restaurant because my English was so bad.

Nevertheless, I still chose the IELTS course. My, it was so confident of me to do that when in fact I had trouble understanding the class. Naturally, my scores were low because of that. I will never forget the time that I cried often and even asked the manager to change my classes.

However, I still continued my IELTS review for four months. Afterward, I realized that it helped me improve my English quickly. In the Monol IELTS course, students take a mock test every Friday. Because of this, students are more encouraged to study harder.

The schedules for IELTS are posted on the bulletin board every Thursday at four in the afternoon. Students who take the IELTS course should be aware of their schedules so don’t forget to check them!

After the IELTS test, the assigned teachers comment and correct the mistakes of the students. They also give me feedback about my answers and I review my shortcomings and the corrections. By doing that, I slowly increased my IELTS score and that helped me the most in learning English.

At first, I was the weakest when it came to IELTS writing, speaking, listening, and reading. I did not know how to make a sentence at all. It is embarrassing, but for the first month I almost got the lowest score which was 2. I still have not reached my target score but now I am able to score 5 to 5.5 on my IELTS.

Of course, all four classes require a lot of practice. I find it very helpful when I review what is wrong and what makes it wrong. Also, learning synonyms and paraphrasing it important in speaking, writing, and sentence construction. Additionally, learning vocabulary words is necessary. For this part, I am still lacking which is why I am missing a lot of answers so I need to practice more.

Although, as I study hard, I can see that my score is increasing! I am getting a little greedy.
In the past, I found studying so boring that I hated it. Now, that is not the case anymore. Yes, I also took Monol’s ESL program but I highly recommend taking the academy’s IELTS course. Of course, you would have to pay a more expensive tuition (just a bit!), but the quality of the classes are different. With Monol’s IELTS review, I can improve my English more efficiently and quickly by solving difficult tests.