Student Profile:
Name: Wony
from Korea

Q. Please, introduce yourself.
A. I am a 21-year-old student who has lived in Baguio for almost two years. I have been to many academies and studied IELTS.

Q. Why did you start to study IELTS?
A. My mother recommended me to immigrate in Canada after entering University in Canada, so right after I graduate high school, I came to Baguio to study IELTS

Q. How did you know CNSⅡ for the first time, and why did you choose this academy?
A. I got to know CNS2 through Internet surfing and recommendations from my acquaintances. And I liked here because I heard CNS2 school’s capacity is not too many.

Q. How about the learning environment in CNSⅡ?
A. CNS2 Language Institute is an environment where students can concentrate more on their study because there is mandatory self-learning class after class.

[About the IELTS course]

Q. While studying at CNSⅡ for last 3weeks, how did you feel?
A. It’s great. Compared to other academies, there’s a space for students to study personally, and there’s a systematic test every week, and most of all, I admire at teaching skills of CNS2 teachers

Q. Which class is the most effective to study?
A. Overall, I cannot choose the most effective subject because all teachers are excellent in all subjects.

Q. As a Korean student, what is the most effective point while studying in CNSⅡ?
A. Rather than having the advantage of being a Korean, I think it is one advantage that we should use English constantly for communication because there are a lot of multinational students.

[About teachers]

Q. How about the quality of CNSⅡ teachers?
A. Studying in CNS2 saves my time and money since I did not have to go through trial and error because of Teacher’s quality.

[Secrets to improve an IELTS score]

Q. What was your weakest subject and how did you improve this one?
A. Reading is my trauma and my overcoming point. I didn’t have any basic skills, so IELTS reading was a big barrier. With the help of Teacher Melanie, I am getting better and better.

[Tips for new students]

Q. Based on your experience, how about Baguio?
A. As a two-year experience, I think it has a strong geographical advantage compared to Cebu or Clark, and it is an optimal city for studying. There are many restaurants in each country and there are many beautiful parks.