A 40 minute drive from Junior CNS is a Water Park with a hot spring resort and outdoor swimming pools situated in the mountainous valley of Asin in Nangalisan Tuba, Benguet.  We offer this kind of Saturday leisure activities for the students at least once or twice a month. We usually go there by taking the Jeepney.

The Jeepneys are the most popular form of transportation in the Philippines. If you pay 8 pesos (=160 won) per person, you can go to your destination.  Also, there is no stop at the station, so getting on and off is very convenient.  Since the jeepneys are unstable, we always check students who are sick before departure.  We also make sure that sunscreens are applied by our students to protect them from being sunburned due to the strong ultraviolet rays.  After that, the Director of CNS explains about safety measures to prevent accidents from occurring while in the swimming pool.  Although, many Korean teachers are with them, we think of safety first and prevention is better than cure.

There are several other swimming pools near Asin Riverview.  The climate is much warmer as compared to the city of Baguio because it is downhill from the mountains; so the students enjoy the nice weather conducive to swimming.
​Asin Riverview Water Park has a total of five pools of various depths and different sizes.  It has thrilling water slides and children’s playground for their optimum delight.

Before going into the water, they do their stretches under the direction of the director. The students are under the supervision of the teachers and spend a great time with the children in the water.

At Asin Riverview, there are also some barbecue areas where we can enjoy grilled pork belly.  After lunch, we eat ice cream for dessert, rest a little and stretch before we get into the water again.  Some students can also relax in the hot spring.

​At around 4 pm, all the children take a shower and then return to CNS. We let them retire for bed early because we thought they should take a rest enough for tomorrow’s classes.