My name is Shin Dong Uk, and I’m from Korea. Before coming to Pines, I was anxious with my over-all English development. I started to acquire information about studying English in the Philippines, and I found out that Baguio City has a temperate climate which every English learner prefers. Pines International Academy got my attention because it has a particular rule called EOP. It stands for English Only Policy. I think this is an initial way of effectively improving my English skills.

I choose Intensive Speaking (Intensive ESL) course. This course offers five one-on-one classes and two four-on-one classes making the regular class 7 sessions. In addition, I can also take option classes. 1 session of morning class is offered and 2 session in the evening. I have chosen to take evening class on my first term. The class was effective in helping me achieve my goal. However, I felt that I don’t have enough time to review and preview my classes. I ended up not taking any additional classes on my next term. My course is composed of 6 subjects in total: listening for 2 hours, writing, Idioms, pattern reading and speaking class. First of all, I’ll introduce my listening class. Normally, four students attend the listening class including me. We can share our experiences, and our culture because Pines has diverse student nationalities. Listening class is primarily composed of dictation exercises. I kind of feel like there is a progression of my listening skills every time I try to play the sound clips in repeat. It helps me find the answers needed for the dictation exercise. With the method, I am able to figure out how to pronounce some English words too. I must say that the class is challenging.

Second, I am also taking grammar and writing. These classes are useful as I learn new words that can enhance my speaking skill. I think all the classes are pretty much related. After I have written an essay, my teacher checks the errors. Third, I can never really know how to use daily useful expressions on my own. I need a teacher to discuss the meaning with me. Doing this process makes me memorize and understand everything easier. Fourth, whenever I take a pattern expression class, I and my teacher converse using the pattern expressions. Thru this process, I can continuously improve my skills and naturally speak in English. In reading class, I read articles aloud. I’m so glad that the teacher checks my pronunciation, intonation and accent. Lastly, my teacher and I also enjoy discussing general and deep topics. She takes note of my critical sentences, and helps me reconstruct it.

Actually, I didn’t have a background of English grammatical structure that I cannot even say “Hi, How are you”? I’m fine thank you and you?” I tried to acquiring Basic English grammar and related expressions when I study in Pines Academy. My weakest point is listening among all the macro skills. I thought why my listening skill is quite lacking. The reason is that I tend to study English and depend on books. When I read some articles, I can understand them; however, it is different when it comes to listening. I can’t. So whenever I study English these days, I should speak and hear the pronunciation of the words as well as the intonation and blending. All these things are important. I mimic the American actor’s speeches. This way, I can try to be more familiar with the English language.

I don’t have a favorite class because I really like all of the classes. And if I didn’t get to attend in one of them, my sense of balanced English learning will be ruined.
While studying English it is also important to nourish myself with foods that are rich vitamins and minerals. In relation to this, the classes serve as my mental nourishment. My favorite class makes my imagination constantly running for me to talk about something like I know everything about it. While doing this, I also make sure to use the new words that I have learned.

It has been two months since I coming here. Apparently I can say that my English skill has greatly improved, but I didn’t expect it like magic because I think my personal effort has something to with it. Thanks to Pines for the memorable English learning experience.