Junior CNS students, since they studied hard on weekdays following the scheduled, they would like to relax and play as much as they like on weekends, on shopping hours and free time. Especially, SM shopping every Sunday is a great opportunity to buy some items and eat snacks that they wanted to eat in the department store.

But We have some rules in junior CNS.
They can go to SM shopping if they follow the rules well, if there are some students who have many penalties, they have to pass some word test instead of SM shopping, they can go shopping at a local mart called Kuisan Pure Gold near the academy.
Most of junior CNS students follow the rules well and go to SM shopping, but when the number of students increases like vacation camp, there are also people who can’t go to SM shopping
As for our junior CNS lifestyle rules and penalties, I’ll explain more detail about it later. Let’s take a closer look at SM, a large shopping mall in Baguio, Philippines.

The drive from junior CNS to SM Mall is about 15 to 20 minutes away, and we usually rent the jeepney that I introduced in our previous Riverview Activity Post.

After arriving at SM, get off in front of the entrance at Jeepney. Pizza Hut located on 1F, near the entrance and exit of SM. After today’s shopping, get back together when time is up. Even if a student is lost in the middle of shopping, all students is trained to meet at Pizza Hut immediately.

After arriving at SM Mall, we’ll take a picture of each other. They usually go shopping with a teacher for three or four children.
Due to the cool climate in Baguio all year round, SM Mall is open all over the floor, so you can go shopping in the cool breeze!

Baguio SM City Mall consists of four floors, excluding the parking lot.

LG (basement one floor): SM supermarket, food court, etc.

Children usually buy snacks here, things that they wanted to eat, and take them to academy.
This floor often produces a lot of luggage, so if you drop by first, you’ll find it inconvenient to carry your luggage throughout the shopping and guide your children to the last stop.

UG (floor 1) : Watsons, stationery store, etc.

The SM store consists of three floors, and children usually use Watsons and stationery store on the first floor.

At the entrance to the first floor, you can see a children’s favorite fruit juice stand, and Jollibee is also located, which is more popular than McDonald’s in the Philippines.

2nd floor : Toy Kingdom, Blue Magic, etc.

Within SM, there are Toy Kingdom and Blue Magic on the second floor, which are most popular places for children.

You can see the toys of Avengers that are in vogue recently. Junior CNS’ students will love it!!

Blue Magic, which is especially popular with girls! They buy dolls here and name them and those dolls keep their bedside seats all the time.

On the second floor of the SM store, there is another place where you can buy snacks outside of the SM supermarket on the first basement floor.

3rd floor : a movie theater, an arcade, various food stalls, etc.

On the third floor, there are movie theaters, arcades, and many bars where children can eat various kinds of food.
SM Cinema in Baguio is also crowded because of Avengers recently. This is so popular that this is only one theater in Baguio and Hollywood movies show here. There’s no subtitles because Filipino can speak English very well. We also visited here to watch ‘Aquaman’.
On the side of the movie theater, there is even a Korean restaurant for corn dogs, so children often go there when they want to eat corn dogs.

Through shopping, you can relieve the fatigue of your body and mind, ask about things, buy them in person to foreigners, and be exposed to the English environment, so all students can learn a lot from shopping.
I can see why the children are happy even if they go shopping at SM every week writing about SM.