During my first week, everything felt new and unfamiliar but by my second week, I felt like I have already adapted to my classes. Every day, I have a great time by making new foreign friends.

For today, I want to introduce my dormitory room. First, Monol’s dormitories consist of different types. These are the semi-solo room, room for two, room for three, the 3+1 room, room for four, and a room for six.
I am currently living in the 3+1 room where three students live together and are roommates with one teacher. The biggest advantage of staying in the 3+1 room is being able to talk to your teacher and ask for advice whenever you have difficulties or problems in English, homework, or even in life.

Another advantage is being able to have the room discussion activity. From Monday to Thursday at 8:00PM to 9:00 PM, we spend the hour learning English. We usually choose a topic and talk together.

However, there are times when our schedules do not match. When this happens, you can choose two days a week and practice man-to-man discussion with the room teacher.
The best thing about our room discussions is we can specify to our teacher what we want to learn; like if we want to improve on our pronunciation. The teacher will prepare the material and you can spend that full hour learning that.

When we are all present, we play English board games like the photo above. It is also an opportunity to talk with the teacher and your roommates while learning English and having fun.
Although the 3+1 room is a little more expensive than the room for three, there are many benefits and activities that are exclusive for 3+1 rooms. With this, I feel satisfied with my experience.

Also, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the room at all because you can apply for cleaning three times a week. This is also applicable for other dormitory types. There are also some ants but in time you won’t mind them much haha.
Here, students can concentrate on studying English and since it’s cold they don’t have to worry about the heat. I recommend that you study at MONOL Academy in Baguio, Philippines!