How did you find ‘BECI’ and why did you choose us?

I was interested in studying in the Philippines. I have only for 1 month, so I needed to concentrate studying English. I found about BECI on web site, and I chose BECI because I can have 11 classes a day in Sparta course. Main campus had no vacancy room, so I had no choice the campus, but I was happy to spend the time in lady campus.

What English skill you have improved the most?

I decided “I’ll try to speak English positively without being afraid of mistake” before I came here. I usually responded “Yes” or “No”, because I thought that it was hard for them to understand my English. But now I got positive mind to speak English. It was the best improvement for me. I also approached my target that I will be able to communicate in English on the travel.

Does life and study in BECI meet your expectations?

I thought that Baguio has good environment that I could study particularly hard through. All Baguio people tried to listen to me, so I had many opportunities to talk in English. The dormitory was also comfortable. I could usually order room cleaning and changing the sheets when we want, and I could choose food what I want to eat. However, sometimes I felt inconvenient the toilet and shower.

How did you interact with foreigner students?

There were more Japanese students than my expectation because of Japanese spring vacation. I was nervous at first, but I came to talk with many students regardless of nationality. We made ramen in the dormitory kitchen and ate together, or went out together on holidays. At first, I had no roommate, then I had Japanese roommate, but it was better to make more opportunity to speak in English when I stay in my room.

What advise can you give for interested students?

Learning English in the Philippines is cheaper than another countries. You should try it if you are considering. You can have many good experiences, not only studying English, knowing another culture, having many foreigner friends…and so on. I recommend that Baguio has good environment to study hard. Also, you should better bring SIM free cell phone because you can search some vocabulary when you go outside.