I came here last month. The reason why I chose this place is because of the climate and there are only a few Japanese students in here.

My perspective of the Philippines is that there are a lot of beach resorts and the climate is very hot. But here in Baguio it isn’t as warm as thought it would be and it is very comfortable for me. I researched about language schools in the Philippines through the internet before coming here. There are many Japanese students in Manila, Cebu and other big schools. Fortunately, in Baguio JIC, there is a mixture of nationalities. This has cause me to speak in English throughout my student life. I believe this became a good training ground for me.

In class, the teacher has taught me kindly so I was able to absorb all the lessons. And if I don’t understand something, I can ask questions immediately and they give me explanations so I could understand the lessons easier. Whenever I commit mistakes in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary usage the teachers eagerly correct me constructively.

I am able to be in an English speaking atmosphere because of their “English Only Policy”. It has taught me to how to understand standard English and as a Japanese student I was able to comprehend the context of conversations.

I have noticed a gradual improvement to my English skills whether it may be in writing, speaking, reading and listening. I am very happy about it and I will continue my English learning journey and strive to become a better English speaker.