What is the purpose of your study abroad?

In order to attain my suitable job, which is associated with English, I decided to go to Baguio.

Why did you chose TALK?

My agency highly recommended me to go to TALK as it has good rumor about TOEIC.

How was curriculum in TALK?

I’m really satisfied with the quality of teachers whose advices are effective in TOEIC. More and more I’m becoming confident about repeatedly doing practical test.

What should you have done before coming to TALK?

Sometimes, I wish I could have practiced listening. It took long time to get used to TOEIC listening.

Why did you decide to take TOEIC exam?

Nowadays, TOEIC is regarded as important qualification to apply for job. That’s why I decided to try to take TOEIC.

What are the advantages of studying TOEIC?

We have opportunity to make use of English skills by studying TOEIC. For Example, I can organize complete sentence in my brain. It’s really effective for conversation.

What is the difference of studying TOEIC by yourself between study abroad?

I think we are supervised by school to stay abroad for purpose of studying English. In addition, we can maintain motivation to study TOEIC by competing with students.

What do you need to do for improving TOEIC score?

In my opinion, patience and motivation is mandatory.