How effective are electives or option classes for students who study English? How long should students study English in a day?

Pines believes it is unending, it is not measured by how many hours students study but how often they put into practice the English lessons they learn every day. Students who study English sometimes do not have the means to use the new English words they have learned or apply the expressions they have memorized, and this is a sad fact. This is one of the reasons why Pines decided to provide electives or better known as option classes to guide students to not simply follow the curriculum deemed suitable for them. Yes, it is compulsory that they have to learn English using the books prepared and allotted for them. However, the students are also given the choice to choose subjects that they would like to study before and after their regular class hours. Check out the different option classes or electives Pines offers to students.

So, let’s see what kinds of electives or option classes Pines Academy offers. First, there is morning class which students take before regular class and evening class which they take after regular class. The morning class is from 7-8 AM. Morning classes include Listening & Dictation, Listening & Speaking classes. Evening classes include Reading Aloud, Vocabulary Master, Guitar Class, Practical English, Watch & Learn, Business English, Monitored Self- study, Grammar for Korean, Grammar for Japanese, Public Speaking and Intensive Listening classes. These are option classes which run from 8 pm to 9 pm. By choosing the class that suits your need as an English learner, you can use your morning and evening hours more effectively and help you speak English with confidence in real life most especially when you plan to work or live in English speaking countries.

Among these classes, let’s peek into one class called ‘Practice English Class’. Practical English is for students who need basic and practical expressions for everyday conversation. In my case, I choose this class because I wanted to learn to use appropriate expressions in context of real life situations. Through this class, I learned many expressions that can improve introducing myself to other people, finding direction on map, going to a restaurant, ordering food on telephone, expressing my opinion in everyday conversation. The result makes me feel like I am ready to face the world and interact with people abroad. During the class, we learn how to use the expressions through several conversation drills and round table discussion. Through the class drills we feel like we are more comfortable to use the expressions most especially after classes.

We sometimes have time to take a break and play a nice game. Of course we use some English expressions to make our interaction intense. Last week, we played “Sungka”, a traditional Filipino game, which requires great concentration and strategy. We were so happy to feel calm when we heard the sound of the falling pebbles. Next, we played the word tail game. It was useful game to widen vocabulary. I won this game, so teacher Jamie gave me Banana chips as a price, and she wrote a short letter on the wrapping paper for me. Despite living abroad, I feel touched and loved by my teachers. Learning English in Pines Academy is a priceless experience as it prepares me for the real world and our teachers care for us so much that we feel we are not far from home.

by. Oh Yujin