Study English in the Philippines Baguio | Chihiro’s Power EFL Course Insights

Pines Academy provides maximum opportunities for students to use authentic English in speaking, listening, reading and writing through its popular “Power EFL” course. We had an interview with Ms.Yoshida Chihiro who is takingPower EFL course in Pines Main Campus.  Check out her insights and experiences during her study period.

Tell us something about yourself

My name is Yoshida Chihiro, and I am 22 years old. Upon completing my senior year in university, I had decided to study English in Baguio City specifically at Pines. I am currently taking Power EFL course.

Why did you choose Baguio City?

With my situation and preference, I think Baguio is safer and has more comfortable and cool climate compared with other regions in the Philippines. I can say then that the location of Pines Academy is also comfortable. At the same, it time helps the students to focus on studying.

What are the advantages of Pines Academy?

I do not really know something about other English institutions in the Philippines; however, I can say that Pines Academy is unique in terms of its leveling system.  Pines Academy has two campuses that set student’s leveling distinction. The main campus (Level 1-5) is dedicated to the students who want to study and focus on improving their Basic English skills. Advanced (Chapis, Level 6-10) campus is for the students who want to take higher level of English learning that focuses on higher EFL/ESL courses and test courses like IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. If we want to go to the advanced campus, we have study hard and get the required test results. The leveling system motivates us to improve our English skills during a certain study duration.

Tell us more about Power EFL Course

I am taking Power EFL course which offers 4-hour set of group classes and 4-hour set of one on one classes. With the breakdown of classes, I think that my Basic English skills could improve in a short duration because of the balanced nature of classes. My one on one classes provide me more consultation time with my teachers and the group classes gives me opportunity to interact with other foreign students. My favorite class is listening, and I get so excited during the song dictation part. This is an enjoyable study method as it makes me more drawn and interested in improving my English listening skill. I can easily feel my improvement and this result is impressive for me.

Talk about your teachers

I like my group class teacher because she knows the appropriate teaching approach to a diverse group. She is professional and still knows when to have fun by giving subtle jokes that will make us more comfortable in class. My teachers guide me and check my pronunciation and grammar

What is your memorable moment or experience in Pines?

Taking the Power EFL course makes me remember useful words and vocabularies. I can also say that my listening and comprehension skills have improved because I could clearly hear and understand what other people talk about in English. Basically, my realization of language improvement is also my most memorable moment in Pines Academy.

What advice do you want to share to aspiring Pines English learners

I am a shy person and not good in approaching other people around me; however, teachers in Pines Academy are so friendly and approachable. It makes me enjoy my study period. I recommend you to stay in the sextuple room because there are more opportunities of communicating with other nationality students, and you can force yourself to use English. Try the Power EFL course to improve your Basic English skills like speaking, listening, reading and writing.