Hello there, my name is Satomi Ozawa.  I have shifted my course from Power ESL to Pines’ new English course Speaking Master.
The Speaking Master Course is composed of 1-on-1 classes (4 hours), 2-hour group class, 1-hour group monitored self-study and 2-hour unmonitored self-study. I also undergo 3 sets of short tests. In this course, there are 3 things that we need to accomplish. We have to memorize, apply and review the expressions we learned. Power EFL offers other sets of expressions. Speaking Master Course offers expressions that are devoted to day-to-day activities and interaction. It is also required to memorize 20 new words each day, so you can learn 400-500 useful expressions and vocabularies in 4 weeks.

This course is suitable for students who want to immediately apply what they learned in their English classes for traveling and living abroad. In Reading class, I have daily pronunciation training by reading long-passages that require producing the critical American consonant and vowel sounds.

I learn basic expressions required in a day-to-day interaction (situational English) like ordering in a restaurant and answering phone calls in my Pattern class.
During the monitored self-study, I have more time of reviewing all the information I have learned during my day and ask questions about the gray areas (things that are unclear) to my teacher. This is a very productive time to get precise answers to questions I stumble upon during the self-study time.

I also attend 2-hour Listening class, and I take down notes through music and short video clips. I take 3 sets of challenging vocabulary tests. It is a meaningful process to improve my vocabulary skills because I am able to know what I have mastered and the things I still need to improve.

I can say that I’ve made the right decision to shift because under Speaking Master Course I could learn useful vocabularies and expressions and use them efficiently when the situation is needed.If you are interested in this Speaking Master course, try Pines International Academy!