Pines Students are provided with English learning experiences that make them more confident and engaged in the real world. Level 8 student, Yoshimura Yuya proved this through his public presentation. His topic is about improving one’s English Skills.

Learner’s Background and Nationality

According to Yuya, there are a lot of ways to improve one’s English Skills, but there are some challenges that one has to go through during the learning process. It’s a good thing that he started his speech by sharing the issue of each Japanese English learner like: getting accustomed to producing English sounds (like consonant sounds), confusing words that don’t translate the same way in English and vice versa, learning personality of students and their educational exposure.

Tips from students around the world 

Students want to overcome their English learning issues, but they have to start somewhere. Starting somewhere would mean checking one’s priority and focus while learning the language. He asked his friends who are living abroad about their learning priority and focus and here are the results:

Japanese Respondents

Japanese learners focus on reading and speaking.  The most effective method for improvement is memorizing English expressions and using them in daily conversation. Yuya tells everyone to create the opportunity to speak in English. It means that each English learner should engage to regular conversation with people around them, most especially the locals and other foreign nationalities.

Austrian Respondents

Austrians recommend watching Hollywood movies and TV shows. They also change the language setting of their gadgets like smartphones to English. Listening skill is their focus as they believe they can deliver better outputs and responses in English if the skill is polished.

Korean Respondents

For Korean learners, memorizing pattern expressions and reading it over and over improve the quality of their English speaking skill. English speaking and listening are 2 skills they prioritize to improve.

Saudi Arabian Respondents

Saudi Arabians recommend constructing grammatically correct sentences. Their learning focus include speaking and grammar.

Syrian Respondents

Syrians indulge in watching Hollywood movies to catalyze their over-all English skills. Just like the Saudi Arabians, speaking and grammar are their learning priority.

There are a lot of ways to improve one’s English skills, but Yuya recommends everyone to stay active in creating opportunities to speak in English and break their hesitation to speak to other people.

Students were satisfied with Yuya’s findings and end up asking how he prepared for the presentation. Yuya told the students that knowing a lot of people can help them come up with certain research findings and preparing questionnaires through google form. It makes the study feasible even if the respondents are living in other countries. He also said that making script and PowerPoint presentation are both essential. Having a regular consultation with his teacher also helped him complete the project.