About CNSⅡ

Q: Please, introduce yourself.
A: My name is Johnny from China. I have learned IELTS before studying English in the Philippines.

Q: Why did you start to study IELTS?
A: I need to get a target score before I go to England for my master’s degree. . Learning IELTS at the same time can improve my competitiveness when I look for a job.

Q: How did you know CNSⅡ for the first time, and why did you choose this academy?
A: A few months ago, my friend told me that he had studied English in the Philippines for a year. Then, he helped me figure out the right school for me to attend. At the end, the two main reasons I chose CNS2 were because of its professional training team and its good learning environment.

Q: How about the learning environment in CNSⅡ?
A: I would like to say that the students here are studying hard every day. Because they know that weekly test results can improve their weaknesses because they clearly show what they need to improve. In addition, all the students and teachers here are very kind to teach and share ideas.

About the IELTS course

Q: While studying at CNSⅡ for last 3weeks, how did you feel?
A: In general, I studied hard to get grades and spent a lot of time learning English. Although my score didn’t rise dramatically, I can still feel that my English skill become better than before. That is the reason why I feel nervous and excited at the same time.

Q: Which class is the most effective to study?
A: It is probably a grammar lesson for me. The textbooks here are useful and systematic for students. Therefore, it is clear that teaching methods are quite different from schools in my hometown before.

About teachers

Q: How about the quality of CNSⅡ teachers?
A: Most of the teachers are excellent, through a lot of teaching experience and positive attitude, they can directly give response and kindly share their knowledge to me.

Q: Who is your best teacher? And why do you think so?
A: First, let me tell you about T. Dino. He is full of passion and charm in teaching. He will give a detailed explanation about the sentences, and I can learn from him easily. Moreover, the pronunciation teacher, T. Lorein is the one of my best teachers. She is patient to fix my problem, and I am very grateful to her.

Secrets to improve an IELTS score

Q: Recently, you got a high score in Reading, could you show us your know-how?
A: Unfortunately, I have not yet got a very high score on Reading. But based on my experience, I would say having a well understanding on grammar and vocabulary is needed because it is the key point to help you analyze the long sentences and some articles.

Tips for new students

Q: Before coming to CNSⅡ, what should new students prepare for successful study?
A: Be familiar with IELTS vocabulary before you get here. It helps you to Improve understanding when reading articles or unfamiliar topics. Also, it will dramatically increase your confidence at the same time. Well, it takes a lot of time to learn a language, but if you try your best, you will eventually be able to do it.

Q: What is your tip for new students?
A: To be honest, I don’t have a good idea for the new students. However, I would like to share my favorite Chinese idiom with them. It said, “The best time to plant trees was 20 years ago. The best second time is now.” This means it is never too late to pursue your dreams.