Testimony by Yang, Shu-Mei “Summer” from Taiwan

Time flies so fast. I have been in Baguio for a month already. When I arrived here, I felt nervous and strange because it’s a new environment for me and I need to communicate with teachers. Particularly, I was afraid I couldn’t adjust to the level of the lessons. However, it’s a good way to learn English since I can talk with teachers and students; moreover, I can gain knowledge from my mistakes in an English environment.

For me, I improved a lot in Listening and Speaking. Both are absolutely good to study here, but studying Grammar is better in Taiwan. The ESL program has 8 classes and it’s kind of intensive and the teachers will depend on your level to adjust your textbook and the way they teach. You would have different topics and content in each class, so you won’t feel bored.

In here, you will meet students from different countries and talk about each other’s culture. Furthermore, you can use English to communicate with students, not only teachers. This atmosphere is similar to when I was a student in school, and students are kind and enthusiastic. If you have any problem, then they will help you.

We can take a rest, travel or eat brunch with students on the weekends to have full energy for the next week. We are so lucky because the weather is nice, and we can plan for the weekend. Baguio is located in the mountains, so it has beautiful landscapes and challenges, and we can find a lot of exotic food and cafes. Lastly, I wanted to share a photo about my experience in Mt. Yangbew with students.