Akari Nakajima
Hokkaido, Japan, studying in Taichung, Taiwan
student of Department in Foreign Language

JIC: How long will you stay here?
AKARI: Just 1 month. I came here to improve my English.
JIC : why are you studying English?
AKARI: Because I love language and I like to go to other countries and that’s the thing I’m interested in.
JIC: Will you use English for your future job?
AKARI: I haven’t decided my future job yet. So first I learn language and maybe I thought it gives me more choices because I don’t know what will happen in my future, maybe I’ll go to other country travelling.
JIC: you know it’s very beneficial to know English and Chinese at the same time, wow! So you mentioned that it was difficult for you to learn English in Taiwan?
AKARI: Yes, because a few people speak English.
JIC: and then you came to JIC, what do you think is the environment here in JIC?
AKARI: Not only Japanese or Taiwanese, people are mixed and I have to speak English so I love this environment.
JIC: Was is helpful?
AKARI: Helpful, very helpful because nobody will laugh at people’s English because this is a place to speak English so I love this environment, the teachers are nice.

JIC: Do you think you are able to improve your English in your short stay?
AKARI: Yeah, even if this is short time but already I have some words that I couldn’t use before but now I can use.
JIC: What do you think of your classes? What do you think of the style of classes in PS?
AKARI: 1:1 is very good. And also the textbook is very useful, the content is from our real life, like there are many issues, social issues at the same time I can learn some ideas.
JIC: Would you recommend JIC to other people?
AKARI: Yeah, I will because I think it’s fun and very special in my heart that I cannot experience in Japan, here in Baguio climate is nice and will recommend to my friends of course. I think each student improved their English.