Student Profile:
Name: Sakurai Rika
from Chiba, Japan
IELTS Student

Why did you choose JIC?
JIC has many 1:1 classes and has a Spartan system which I like because it is very strict especially in self-studying. The environment here is also very good because I can focus more in studying English.

Why do want to focus on studying IELTS?
I should have an IELTS score of 5.5 so I enter my university

How do you self-study?
Almost just the same in what I do for homework and if I have more time, I will try listening or any subjects because the time is not enough. So I extend for more than two hours.

What do you think about the 1:1 classes?
It’s very good because it’s so easy to understand and the teacher is very friendly and I can speak and relax.

What do you think of Baguio?
It is my first time in Baguio and it is too cold. I thought Philippines is a tropical place. Even though, I still find it good because we just focus in studying and we are in a country side which is really good in studying.

What’s your plan after 5 years?
I hope I can find a job where I can use my English.