Hi, my name is Yano.
& I started my challenge 4 weeks ago. I need to improve my English speaking skill. so, I started the challenger,

Sometimes I tend to speak Korean language. That’s why I applied the challenger and After, my English skill improved.
But I didn’t reach my expectation. But I am still very satisfied to myself. Because I have become confident In speaking English well. When I was challenging, many students persuaded me, to speak another language.

But I didn’t lose my control. Because, sometimes the mangers and some teachers motivate me, and I maintain my moto. “I will not be swayed by anything.” So, I can be successful. If some students want to improve their english,I recommend this to and I want to advice to join the challenger!!!!

The challenger is an advantage if you want to improve your speaking skill and have confidence. with the challenger, You can do anything. Even if you are scared, Don’t worry, Just do it and you will raise your English higher than before. And There is no disadvantage of challenger. Because, the reason we come to JIC is to study, improvement. Why do you hesitate challenger?! Don’t! take the challenge!!! i am grateful for the experience. The system of JIC is best. JIC is Always thinking about their students, JIC emphasis is on their students. Thank you JIC!!