I have worked for more than ten years and my English has been always so bad. I often wanted to improve , but I don’t have enough time. I also try to go to workshops, but I often get interrupted by  work. This time, I have made up my mind. I chose a good academy, and took a long vacation to study English in the Philippines.

I came to Baguio, a small and beautiful city and because of its high altitude, the weather is always cool. However, July is the rainy season. We sometimes have heavy rains for several days and can really feel the moisture.

TALK ACADEMY has a small number of students, mainly Chinese, Japanese and South Korean . Everyone has his purpose ,whether for exams or work. Here, administration, service, food and accommodation are all right. Power speaking is one of the reasons why we chose this academy. For us, though we have been learning English for many years, we still can not speaking and listening well . My main purpose is to speak and express well in English.

The first afternoon, we have a test. On account of age, my eyesight was not good, and the topic was very difficult. I just answer it . Of course, the results was terrible.  The teacher should explain the articles according to the level of the students. At first, eight hours of class every day was too cruel for an old office worker. It was difficult to sit for a long time speaking and to explaining in English. I tried to do my best, use all my vocabulary and body language in class. Fortunately, the teachers in the Philippines are very kind, patient and understanding.

Normally, from Monday to Friday, we have intensive class as like : Listening, Reading, Grammar, active class, speed speaking, discussion, pronunciation and survival English. Some courses are man on man and some are group . For me, listening is the most difficult. I do not have much vocabulary. Usually, I can’t understand what the speakers are saying. Fortunately, the teacher is patient and the my classmates are friendly. Active classes provide many idioms, patterns and small talks. It is needed in memorization. Speed speaking is for speed. We need to quickly understood each article. The rate of thinking and answering the questions should be fast. This brings me nervousness. I prefer reading and survival English because it is practical and the lessons are less difficult. Sometimes I can chat with teachers. The discussion is interesting. We have four students in the same class. The teacher prepares different subjects for us and guides everyone to ask and to answer the questions. We can exchange opinions and learn more vocabulary. In fact, I can’t express what I want to say in English. Native teacher teaches us the pronunciation. My pronunciation quite improved. Unfortunately, every class gives homework.

Everyday after class, I must review the lesson I had that day and do my homework. Although I do not take TOEIC test, I still study very seriously. In terms of physical strength, I do not have a good memory, I can not learn as well as young people. I have some regrets to in studying so late. Sometimes, I like to go to the balcony or the roof to take a deep breath, look at distant clouds .

The class schedule is fixed. I hope to go somewhere during the weekend. I like to take a walk aside from attractions found on the internet, I like to go somewhere that local people go , such as markets or parks. Personally, I want to go to places where people often go and observe their daily lives. Business roads too many tourists do not interest in me. Sometimes I ask the teachers about local customs. The museum records the history of Baguio and the culture of aboriginal people in the region. Naturally, I am fascinated with historic monuments and foreign culture.

How time flies. After four weeks of study, my English speaking had a little progress. I need to improve grammar, reading and listening. One month is really too short. I think that it must take at least three months of intensive study to have good English skills. But, I have too much official business to deal with and I cannot continue to studying. I really admire young people who have a lot of time to learn. If I can turn back time, I will definitely learn English earlier!