On February 2, we went on a trip to celebrate the Chinese New Year. With excitement, I slept in Henney’s spare bed on Friday night and got up at 2 a.m. the next day then got ready to start. At three o’clock, we started off on driver Ray’s eight-seater van. The reason we left at 3 a.m. was because Han2 wanted to see the sunrise.

Because of the time and place, so no one except Han2 could see the sunrise. The check-in time was at 12 o’clock, but we arrived at 7:30, so we checked in early and took a rest. We were going to go grocery shopping at 9 a.m., but I had a cold, so I decided to stay at the hotel. When I woke up, I felt better, so I was able to Hundred Island without any problems.

I took a boat to enter the Hundred Islands with pleasure. It used to be a zone with more than 100 islands, but these days, one of them has been locked up, making it 99 islands. And there are only four islands where we can go and play. We rented life jackets and snorkeling equipment to enjoy Hundred Island more than anyone else.

The first island we visited was a place where we could only take pictures. We went to the second island because our purpose was not to enjoy taking the pictures. On the second island, we could ride banana boat which I never experienced in Korea. I was full of excitement. The boat nearly capsized twice, but with excellent reflexes, all six of us were able to go back dried.

The next activity was snorkeling. I was excited to have another new experience. The snorkeling goggles were stuffy and the mask didn’t protect me from drink sea water and I saw dead coral, so I was scared. The most interesting thing about snorkeling was diving to get into the ocean.

The last place we visited was the island for the zipline. Henney and Kate 2 didn’t try the zipline because it was cold. The four of us went up a high place do to ride the zipline, but we got lost in the middle. I wondered why the Philippines doesn’t use signs. The view on top zipline was fantastic. We ended the tour of Hundred Islands while playing there because there was bridge like buoys.

The next day, I went to a waterfall recommended by Ray. Our original plan was to visit two islands a day, but because the islands are small, we visited all four islands in one day. The waterfall was located about an hour away from Hundred Island.

When we arrived at the waterfall, we rented a seat and life jackets and went straight into the waterfall. Surprisingly, the water there was cleaner than the water in Hundred Island. There were people diving. I also wanted to dive. So I dove with Joel and Han2. But I didn’t know how to dive properly when I was diving, so I got a slight injury. I and Kate II rested on the bench then took a shower before the others while waiting for the rest to come back.

I went back to my dorm then went to a restaurant to eat rice, but it was full because it was Lunar New Year. We were forced to go to another restaurant and the landscape there was enormous. I was planning to eat delicious food as well, but food we didn’t order came out was served to us and the bill was not right. The food didn’t even taste good and it was too expensive. I was angry, but that’s how the last supper of the day ended.

We drank at night to appease our regret about our trip. I took cold medicine throughout the trip, so I drank soda instead of alcohol. We talked how each of us fell about the trip. I felt like I was at a university MT. We came back to Baguio the next day.