Although not widely known in Korea, in fact, Vigan is a one of the most popular tourist attraction in the Philippines. When we first went to Vigan, we doubted the scenery. Old Spanish style architectures and Chinese patterns fit in harmony.

First, we went to Baluarte zoo in Vigan. Even if it was not a big zoo, it was a place where you can see the various animals that are there. In particular, the stuffed museum was impressive, with large animals, even polar bears and elephants.

After seeing the zoo, we went to an old Spanish street. The streets make me feel as if I have come to Europe, but I was not tired of walking. I think if i get a chance and money, I want to buy a building in the street!

And in the evening there was a very beautiful fountain show. In the fountain of a small playground, when I saw the water dancing to music and lighting, I got a really exotic feeling. But it wasn’t easy to see because even though there was a wide square, there were too many people, so it seemed like the place was small. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that it is a wonderful memory.

Even though it has been several days since I’ve been there, it is still vivid in my head. I want to go there next time if there is an opportunity.